Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Monarchy (the other side to the tale)

The  Monarchy

(the other side to the tale)

From the Middle Ages onwards, it was 'royal' dynasties that created unions of nations for the sake of collecting land, wealth and power. The UK, Spain, Russia and Austria-Hungary were nothing but the nation-collections of dynasties who used acquisitive marriages when conquest failed.

The rise of Nationalism in the 19th century was a manifestation of the rights of distinctive peoples to use their own language and culture to control their own domain and destiny. It is not by accident that the nations that won back their sovereignty usually opted for an elected head of state rather than a grasping hereditary family of nation-collectors

Let's begin our tale by looking at a counter argument to a popular pro monarchy video below:


- and here is a quick government estimate of the cost of the recent jubilee events.

  • The estimate for the jubilee's cost to the UK are between about 1bn to 3.5bn in this government assessment 2010. Assessment can be found here