Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Welsh Place names (Corruptions)

Corruption of Welsh Place-names
Corruptions are not necessarily bad, as they are part of the process of language evolution. However some place names shown below, have been needlessly changed due to lack of respect for local culture/ colonialism.
Google maps uses only the English versions.

Key: *important please read*

-> Anglicised to (Welsh name corrupted to English)
-   Possibly co-evolved
<- Welsh corruption of Old English name (Saxon etc)

Flintshire/Sir Fflint

  1. Bwlch y Clai - Buckley
  2. Yr Wyddgrug -> Mold
  3. Brychdyn <- Broughton
  4. Pen ar lag -> Hawarden
  5. Treffynnon -> Holywell
  6. Yr Hob - Hope
  7. Ewlo -> Ewloe
  8. Glannau Dyfrdwy - Deeside
  9. Coed y Llai -. Leeswood
  10. Pentre Helygain -> Pentre Halkyn
  11. Y Fflint -> Flint
  12. Chwitffordd -> Whitford
  13. Pentre Catherall -> New Brighton
    (changed by an English industry owner to accommodate workers imported from Wirral)